StatementKnaggs Statement on the Mob Attacking America

July 4, 20200

Glen Allen, VA- Following the recent riots and attacks on businesses and historics symbols, Andrew Knaggs, Conservative Republican for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District made the following statement:

“The current chaos in our streets has nothing to do with race or injustice. It has everything to do with breaking our national confidence. Destroying our history, our traditions, and our culture enables this goal. It is a concerted effort. One that is being led by well-funded, racial segregationists and socialist ideologues who share the belief in a philosophy that requires the dismantling of the United States as we know it. We have long known who these forces are and what they represent. Despite their clever branding, they are in fact, leftist fascists. Ronald Reagan accurately foretold of their coming back in 1975 when he said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

Make no mistake, the leftist bullies roaming our streets today have as their goal the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist nation. That is why they are targeting our history for destruction – it is a strategy that Karl Marx defined in The Communist Manifesto, where he wrote “In Communist society, the present dominates the past.” George Orwell also captured this principle well in his oft-quoted book, 1984, where the protagonist described the fictional, totalitarian society where “History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

Too many Republican politicians have failed to take a stand against the obvious attacks on our country. Rather than doing what is necessary to defend the republic, they seem frozen with uncertainty about their genuine beliefs or by outsized concern for their careers. While President Donald J. Trump stands up to the mob with too few others at his side—most politicians are standing idly by while the foundations of our country are being eroded.  From pulling down statues, to censorship, to defunding our police, to even banning our National Anthem, the radical mob is attempting to erase America.

This great nation is good and generous. While we certainly have made mistakes, we have also been blessed by God to be the instrument for securing more human freedom and prosperity than any other nation in history. However, today’s leftist agitators use the stain of slavery and its resulting “debt” as a club to beat modern Americans into submission. But, just as the con artist obscures facts by omitting crucial details, these anti-American hate-merchants never acknowledge that this claimed “debt” was paid in full with the blood of over 600,000 Americans who perished between 1861 and 1865 during the Civil War.

Anyone who submissively recites today’s required mantra without asserting that black lives were already proven to matter over 150 years ago during that terrible war, is either a coward, a liar or both.

Winston Churchill once said that “courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.” That has been true throughout human history and it remains true today.

I am devoted to fighting for the good people of the 7th District and I am committed to the rehabilitation of our Republican party. We have dangled over the knife’s edge for far too long. Now is not the time for political maneuvering.  It is time to take a stand—no matter the cost.  Mayhem is flourishing throughout our country and it will not dissipate on its own. Reestablishing order and preserving this great nation requires action. And action requires courage. I will never let our police be defunded, and I will not let the mob rule our country or erase it through anarchy. If there are changes to be made, then they should be made through our democratic process and only after order is restored to our streets.

If we give in to cowardice and submit to the mob now, then the United States of America will end in our lifetime. We already know the Democrats, like Abigail Spanberger, will never stand for us. She just voted to effectively abolish the police by eliminating qualified immunity for police officers. We must also accept that the same Republican self-promoters and showmen who failed to hold Governor Ralph Northam accountable here in the Commonwealth and the others at the national level who failed to repeal Obamacare or fund the Wall, will never stand up for us on their own against the mob.

I will. Stand with me.”

Tyler Spencer

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