StatementKnaggs Makes Push to Empower Grassroots Activists

May 23, 20200

Glen Allen, VA– Following a recent article from the Richmond Times Dispatch that mis-characterized his position on convention procedure, Andrew Knaggs, Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district, made the following statement.

The grassroots is my top concern. 

You may have seen the Richmond Times Dispatch article that came out on thursday describing the letter I signed onto with the Ramirez and McGuire campaigns. Well, as the press often does, RTD mischaracterized my position so I wanted to share my thoughts with you directly. The bottom line is that I only support ranked-choice voting if, and only if, we cannot conduct a full, in-person convention.

I believe the 7th District should conduct a full, in-person convention on July 18th because that process will unify our party and best prepare the nominee to take on Abigail Spanberger. However, if that is not possible, then I believe our nominee should still be selected through a majority vote of delegates.

For more background on the situation:

1) I gave no input on the Richmond Times Dispatch article and did not know it was being published. As a result, RTD misrepresented my position on this issue and we have contacted the paper to run a correction.

2) If we are able to conduct a full, in-person convention, then we must do so. I believe a full, in-person convention is our best option for producing a grassroots supported nominee in the 7th District. Therefore, I am not calling for a drive-through convention.

3) If we are able to conduct a full, in-person convention, then we must adhere to the standard delegate voting process — multi-voting and multiple ballots until a candidate receives greater than 50% of the vote. I would only support ranked-choice voting if a full, in-person convention was not possible and a drive-through convention or some other variation became necessary.

4) I signed the joint letter to communicate to the 7th District Committee that plurality voting would be damaging to the nomination process and should be avoided.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this situation whatsoever.

It is my sincere belief that the only way we will defeat Abigail Spanberger is with grassroots energy and commitment throughout our district. That is why I remain committed to fighting for you to make this choice and ensuring that a majority decides who will be our nominee.

Tyler Spencer

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