StatementKnaggs Statement on Richmond 2A Rally

January 27, 20200

Glen Allen, VA–  On Monday, January 20, 2020, Andrew Knaggs, Republican candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, attended the rally to support the 2nd Amendment in Richmond. Knaggs spoke on multiple radio shows regarding his support for the 2nd Amendment and the grassroots movement sweeping Virginia.

“The statement from the people to Richmond right now is very clearly that the 2nd amendment is not a suggestion, but a god given right,” said Knaggs.

Ahead of and during the rally, there were concerns that the rally would be violent and attract the attendance of white supremacist groups. However, the rally was remarkably peaceful. One participant said that “For a short period, Richmond was the safest city in Virginia- maybe the nation,” as reported by The Winchester Star. 

“Many speculated that this would be a racist, violent rally, but instead we saw over 22,000 people stand for their right to bear arms, right here in Virginia,” said Knaggs.

Ahead of the rally, even Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and banned guns from the capitol grounds.

“I believe Governor Northam is overstepping his authority by banning firearms on Capitol Square during a lawful rally to support the Second Amendment, ” said Knaggs. “This decision not only affects our right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, but also our right to free speech and to assemble as Americans.”

“The Governor’s security concerns are misplaced.  Rather than unfairly limiting the rights of law abiding gun owners, Governor Northam should be supporting our ability to engage in peaceable assembly and productive dialogue with state lawmakers,” concluded Knaggs.

Tyler Spencer

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